Can senile sputum be prevented?

When I was old, my hearing was very good.50When I was old, my hearing decreased. In the second sample survey of persons with disabilities, there are many such cases. Old age is not unpreventable, and old age is not a matter of course. It cannot be said that people will be embarrassed. There are many ways to prevent it.

1. Maintain an optimistic state of mind.

An optimistic state of mind is very important. When people are emotional or anxious, the secretion of adrenaline is increased, which can cause sputum in the small arteries of the inner ear. The blood flow in the small blood vessels is slow, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the inner ear, which can cause paralysis of the small arteries of the inner ear and blood in the small blood vessels. The flow is slow, causing insufficient oxygen supply to the inner ear, which can lead to sudden deafness. Therefore, sudden deafness is related to the spirit. He is a kind of neurological deafness.

Let us understand: the importance of hearing rehabilitation in the elderly

2.A reasonable diet to develop good habits.

To adjust the diet structure, avoid long-term consumption of high-fat, high-salt, low-cellulosic foods, do not overeating, should stop smoking and drink less. Eat more foods rich in zinc, iron, calcium, can reduce the lack of trace elements, help improve the inner ear blood circulation, nutrition hair cells in the cochlea.

3.Regularly massage your ears to promote blood circulation.

Massage the inside of the ear. Before going to bed, the elderly pinch the ear and earlobe, press the acupuncture points of the wind pool, or slowly push the tragus into the external auditory canal and then suddenly release it to perform the drum mold massage. Do it every day20Times, do it before going to bed every night or before getting up in the morning, in this case, it has a health effect on the ears.

4.Actively treat high blood pressure, high blood fat and diabetes.

Active treatment of high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes, “three high”, can improve the inner ear microcirculation, prevent calcium deposition, quality deposition and fibrosis, is very important to delay hearing loss in the elderly.

5.Ototoxic drugs are prohibited.

Ototoxic drugs, children use deafness, the elderly and children have the same susceptibility, so be careful when using the elderly, carefully read the drug instructions before using the drug or ask the doctor whether it is toxic to the ear. The damage caused by ototoxic drugs is also very serious.

6.Keep away from noise.

Noise is a low-frequency sound that can cause hearing damage when exposed to noise for long periods of time.1980Provisions for Noise Hygienic Standards for Industrial Enterprises of the People’s Republic of China ≤85dBA. State allowed noise intensity and time in the working environment:88 dBA≤4hour;91 dBA≤2hour;94 dBA≤1hour. It damages the human ear and does not damage low-frequency hearing. The damage is high-frequency hearing. Therefore, the main cause of hearing loss caused by noise is high frequency. High frequency is related to understanding clarity. High frequency hearing damage can cause older people to understand what others are saying.

Optional hearing aids and influencing factors

There are two ways to perform hearing rehabilitation. One is to fit the hearing aid and the other is to implant the cochlear implant. For the elderly,80% of people wear hearing aids and the effect is significant. There are many types of hearing aids based on their style, line, performance and intelligence, which can be selected according to actual needs, fully embodying the concept of personalized service.

1, the classification of hearing aids.

Let us understand: the importance of hearing rehabilitation in the elderly

(1) by shape

There are deep ear canal machines, in-ear machines, ear-back machines and cassette machines. The better the appearance in front, the smaller and concealed; the more power is placed behind it. It is only by hearing aids that compensate for permanent hearing damage. It is useless to take medicine.

Ear molds are used for both the behind-the-ear hearing aids and the box hearing aids. The acoustic effect of the ear mold is like a good horse with a good saddle, the acoustic effect of the ear mold, in the hearing aid50%about. Many elderly people wear earplugs when wearing hearing aids. Without ear molds, it will affect the acoustics of hearing aids.

(2) Classified by electronic circuit

Today’s hearing aids are not the original concept. There are three types according to electronic circuit classification, all-digital hearing aids, digital programming hearing aids, and another traditional analog hearing aid. What is the main difference between the all-digital hearing aid and the last two? All-digital hearing aids, with chip and microcomputer technology, can realize auditory intelligence and logic circuit design, which can reduce noise with environmental changes and improve the clarity of speech sound. Traditional analog hearing aids use a potentiometer to adjust the matching parameters, making it difficult to achieve fine adjustment. The digital programming hearing aid effectively overcomes this problem because it uses computer programming controlled by digital circuits, but both sound outputs are essentially analog signals, lacking intelligent acoustic characteristics.

2, hearing aid fitting process.

first step Consultation file. 1 history collection. 2 general inspection. 3 Comprehensive hearing assessment should be clearly diagnosed, comprehensive assessment of audiology, including electrophysiological tests, acoustic impedance tests, behavioral audiometry, and auditory speech recognition.

Second step Hearing aid selection. Select the power of the hearing aid based on the degree of hearing loss. According to the configuration of the audiogram, there are steep slope type, flat type, and slope type. According to its configuration, the frequency response of the hearing aid is selected, and then the type is selected according to the respective requirements.

third step Ear mold making. The ear mold should be matched with the earphone model according to the age of the patient, the degree of hearing damage, and the configuration of the audiogram. The ear mold has an acoustic effect, and the hearing aids are the same. The sound hole and the air hole design of the ear mold are different, and the acoustic effects are also different. Therefore, the ear mold plays an important role in the hearing aid effect.

the fourth step The fitting of hearing aids. According to the hearing aid hearing threshold test, the binaural loudness balance test, that is, the speech recognition result in the background noise environment, debugs the acoustic parameters related to the hearing aid.

the fifth step Adaptive training. Hearing aid adaptive training is a key step, especially for the elderly with hearing aids, the adaptive training of hearing aids is the most important. Just like wearing a denture, there is an adaptation process. The ear is also, the habit is still, suddenly heard a lot of sounds, the elderly will feel uncomfortable, then there is an adaptation training, one is the adaptation of the environment, the second is the adaptation of the speech, like a single person, many people speak, time Adaptation of length.

Step 6 Hearing aid effect evaluation. After the adaptive training is passed, the next step of hearing aid evaluation can be carried out, mainly for speech and auditory recognition and filling in the hearing aid satisfaction questionnaire. Determine the hearing aid effect and provide guidance. Follow-up, follow-up, to ensure that the hearing aid effect is in an optimized state.

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