Senile ear damage solution – how to solve senile ear damage

Through the clinical and histopathological study of senile ear damage, it was found that the cochlear terminal receptor (helical) was degenerated, the spiral ganglion cells were reduced, and the cochlear nerve was atrophied.

The aging of the human ear is not only manifested as the inner ear receptor, but also the aging of the inner nervous center of the inner ear. The auditory center is also degraded, which leads to hearing loss in the elderly.


Aging of the ear is a natural phenomenon that is irreversible. Genetic inheritance is the first factor in human aging, and it is still difficult to control. However, environmental factors and the effects of certain diseases on aging can be regulated by correct and reasonable health care to slow down the aging process.

Elderly hearing aidAlthough it does not cure the ear damage, it will improve the hearing; it will not aggravate the ear loss by wearing a hearing aid, but it will not prevent the natural progression of the old age.

However, the choice of hearing aids must go to a qualified, high-level hospital or matching center, can not buy and wear casually, to eliminate all kinds of misunderstandings about wearing hearing aids. In addition, wearing a hearing aid requires a period of adaptation. To solve the noise problem, there are now various advanced technologies that not only improve the sound that needs to be heard, but also remove unwanted noise. Digital hearing aids can achieve good hearing aids. The inner world is rich, full, harmonious, peaceful and harmonious with the surrounding environment. It is an important part of health and a favorable supplement and development for health.

Many elderly people refuse to pour their hardships after hearing loss, and are unwilling to wear hearing aids, which is afraid of affecting their work and life. I can’t hear people’s speeches, it will increase the psychological pressure of the elderly, and then I don’t want to be in contact with people. There are even doubts and suspicions, feelings of depression, etc. Some people’s personality will become lonely and weird; it is easy to induce Alzheimer’s disease for a long time.

Therefore, in the recommendation of the elderly to wear hearing aids, family members’ care and communication is very important. Patiently accompanying and explaining the important role of the elderly with ear damage in receiving hearing aids.

For patients with senile ear damage, wearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving hearing loss in the elderly. Therefore, helping the elderly to correctly understand senile ear damage and understanding the knowledge of hearing aid fitting is beneficial to the elderly to make maximum use of residual hearing and return to the world of sound.

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