Can a person with a big ear hear better?

There is no inevitable relationship between ear size and hearing. Some people have long-term ears that are relatively large, but this does not mean that his hearing is better, because some people with larger ears may be born to listen. It is also possible to see no, but only a small part is. There are people whose ears are small and soft, but he/She is more clear than the average person listening to others, and may be farther away than others hear, and there is a fight with the wind, this is also to see the individual, and personal protection of their ears, even if you are good Listening, if you always wear your headphones to listen to songs and watch movies, you may end up listening slowly.


Ear size has no effect on hearing quality

Let’s compare bats and squirrels first. They all have large, well-understood ears, but they have very different frequency ranges. Bats can hear2000To110000Hertz, and the mouse can only detect90To22800Sound within the Hertz range. So the size of the ear has no decisive effect on hearing. But some people will say that humans and animals are different, but have you thought about it? Human beings are called advanced mammals, so there is not much difference, and many experiments are applied to humans after they have been tested on mice, so humans still have some similarities. But if it really determines what people’s hearing is, it is the auricle. The main function of the auricle is to protect our ear canal and guide various sounds into the ear, but the big ear does not improve these two functions. Instead, the shape of the ear is more important in this regard.


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