Basic knowledge of choosing a hearing aid

According to your hearing situation, let the fitter choose the appropriate hearing aid and conduct a series of evaluations to ensure the best results. In addition to clinical audiological examination indicators, LVAS Early neonatal hearing screeningOAEversusA-ABRIt is likely to pass, and can rely on genetic joint screeningSLC26A4Whether the gene is carried or not is discovered early.


Early diagnosis relies mainly on the high resolution of the tibiaCTAndMRIScanning, there is a vestibular water tube enlargement and a significant increase in the endolymphatic sac, Can be diagnosed. Difficult is less than6-12The diagnosis of a baby of the age of the month is generally not recommended6-12High resolution of the tibia within the age of the monthCT.LVASIt is recessive, and a homozygous mutation can be diagnosed. First of all, be clear,LVASSudden hearing loss(Acute onset)Is treatable!Both Chinese medicine and western medicine have better treatment options!As long as it is found in a timely manner, timely treatment, usually timely treatment of hearing can be partially restored, and even restored to the pre-morbid level. Therefore, the key is how to find it in time, especially for younger babies. Parents should routinely monitor the hearing of children every day, especially when there is an unexpected situation that causes hearing loss (such as head collisions), and should pay special attention to it. Once hearing loss is found,12During the hour, you should seek medical advice to check if your hearing is fluctuating and if you need treatment. Training develops a daily command to the child through sound (for example, looking for toys, lights, bottles, etc.), training to each command, he must have a response. So every morning and evening, if there is an abnormal situation on any day, check your hearing in time. In the early stage, there is generally better residual hearing, so the hearing aid should be tested early and rehabilitation training should be carried out. When hearing changes in volatility,Hearing aids are recommended during treatment, but no parameter adjustments are made. After the condition is stable, the hearing needs to be reviewed again. After obtaining the exact hearing results, the hearing aids are re-tuned according to the new hearing results, and the output power of the hearing aids is adjusted in time.(LVASMust be replaced with a receiver). Choose to use a hearing aid? When should I consider cochlear implants in time? The key is to check the hearing aid as soon as possible, let the child get the language as soon as possible, or do some behavioral hearing test as soon as possible. Only in this way can the effect of the hearing aid be evaluated. Once the hearing aid is used effectively or the effect is poor, the cochlear implant should be considered. .

My personal point of view is that as long as it can be judged that the hearing aid is not effective and the hearing is not in the undulating period, it is recommended to perform cochlear implant as soon as possible.

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