Bao Ma’s attention to these behaviors will affect the child’s hearing.[Already have a treasure mother]

Hello everyone in this issue to explain to you, improper prenatal care for the fetus and peace when the mother’s incorrect feeding method will also cause hearing damage to the child’s baby born6For more than a month, it was quite funny, but the child’s reaction was slow, and the name of his head did not turn. He did not respond to the slap in the ear. Ms. does not understand why prenatal education makes her baby “stupid”.?


Professionals find that they have hearing impairment when they are examined. After excluding family genetic factors, they are diagnosed with noise deafness, which may be caused by excessive prenatal education. Professionals say that prenatal education can cause shallow memory in the fetal brain, which has certain benefits for the baby’s innate mental development, but the prenatal methods are not correct and cause damage to the inner ear of the fetus.

Pregnant woman in pregnancy7When you are months, you will find that every time you listen to some fast-paced music, the fetal movement will become intense. This indicates that the fetal hearing development has basically formed, but it is still immature, and the mother passively accepts the sound source. The shielding ability is poor, so pregnant women should choose soft and soothing music when choosing prenatal supplies. Pregnant women should also pay attention to the prenatal education, do not put the sound source directly in the abdomen, the time of each prenatal education should not be too long, about a quarter of an hour is better. For babies with noise deafness, they should go to the hospital for neurotrophic drugs in time to achieve the purpose of inhibiting hearing loss. Some mothers now like to let their children lie in bed and think that mothers and children are more comfortable and relaxed. As everyone knows, this kind of feeding can bring serious consequences to children and even cause deafness.

The baby’s eustachian tube is short and the position is flat and low. When lying on the breast, if there is milk or vomit in the child’s ear, it is easy to cause infection, and the baby’s immune function is not perfect, after the bacteria invade, the baby It is highly prone to acute otitis media with cerebral palsy. If the treatment is not timely, it can cause deafness. Professionals advise mothers not to lie in bed to feed their babies, nor do babies lie in bed to suck bottles.

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