Give the childHearing aidNeed to pay attention to which

For children, early detection and early selection of hearing aids should be made.0 – 3Age is the best period for children to learn language. Intervention should be carried out during this period. Otherwise, it will not be possible to fundamentally eliminate the impact of deafness on children’s hearing and language development. There are statistics in foreign countries: infants implemented early intervention six months ago, and the development of learning and IQ tends to be normal, which is significantly higher than that of infants who intervened after six months. Larger children can express their feelings and communicate easily. You can judge the child’s wearing effect by listening to the audition. Smaller children should watch the child’s reflection. The principle is to go to the formal fitting center.Hearing aidPerformance and fitter levels are very important. Go to the fitting center to find out more.


Statistics made by the National Infant and Children’s Hearing Center: a normal hearing Children can master when they are three years old750A left or right word, a child with hearing loss, who was born and was trained in early language rehabilitation, the child can master near the age of three500Words can almost reach the normal language level of the child; if the child is found to have hearing loss after six months, after the language rehabilitation, he can master it when he is three years old.300Multiple words; if the child is found to have hearing impairment when he is two years old, he can only master more than a dozen words in language rehabilitation training. Therefore, the key to rehabilitation for deaf children is: early detection, early selectionHearing aidEarly speech rehabilitation training.

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