You need to wear the following pointsHearing aid

In daily life, many people don’t know what needs to wear a hearing aid. Because wearing a hearing aid requires a formal examination, the fitter can help you introduce a suitable hearing aid according to the results of the examination. In daily life, we don’t know how to fit, but hearing. A hearing aid reminds you that if you have any of the following conditions, you need to go to a professional hearing aid store to perform hearing tests, specifically the following::


1Inaccurate hearing: Some early deaf patients first feel the changes in their hearing. For example, a little longer it is not easy to focus on listening to each other’s conversations. I often don’t notice that others are saying hello to myself.

2The voice becomes louder: Some people can obviously feel that the sound heard is not big enough, so often put your hands behind your ears to increase the sound of the reception. When watching TV or listening to the radio, you often need to increase the volume, making the family feel unbearable.

3Tinnitus and dizziness: Tinnitus and dizziness are often signals of deafness. When dizziness, tinnitus, or tinnitus is noticeably worse, you should consider promptly seeing your doctor and checking your hearing.

4, snoring or asking the other person to repeat: When talking face to face, early deaf patients often snoring or asking the other person to repeat. When calling, you often ask the other party to increase the volume. Moreover, whenever they speak, the volume of their own speech often unconsciously increases. For conversations with others, it is often difficult to hear what the other person is talking about even if they are close at hand.

If this happens, you have already indicated that you need to choose a hearing aid. However, in the process of hearing aid selection, some elderly people have the following misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding1: My hearing is okay. Now I don’t need to wear the disease. We all know that early treatment is needed. The matching of hearing aids is the same. The earlier the matching, the better the hearing can be maintained to a relatively good level. The listening effect of a good person with a hearing aid is relatively better.

Misunderstanding2: Wearing a hearing aid will have dependence, hearing loss will be faster. Hearing aids are not as good for people with poor hearing. It is just as important for people with poor eyesight. It will only help us to listen better and help us maintain our hearing. Relatively good levels, on the contrary, use of retreat, do not wear hearing aids, do not often stimulate the auditory system, but will lead to hearing loss is getting faster and faster.

Misunderstanding3: When the hearing is reduced, and the re-equipment is too expensive. When fitting the hearing aid, the professional fitter will choose a hearing aid with a higher power. Considering that the hearing may drop, reserve a part of the downward adjustment space.

Misunderstanding4There are idle hearing aids for relatives. I can wear them with different hearings. A hearing aid that doesn’t fit my hearing will only cause trouble, and will not bring good listening.

Misunderstanding5: Both ears have hearing loss. Wear only one hearing aid to choose one ear.Hearing aidNot only does it affect the listening effect, but it also causes the sense of sound to have no sense of direction, and this can lead to hearing deprivation, and the hearing of another ear without a hearing aid will fall faster than before.

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