Wear help Does the listener have side effects?

Some hearing-impaired patients or their families have the question: Does wearing a hearing aid have any side effects on hearing? Worried about the dependence caused by the use of hearing aids, resulting in poorer hearing.

Strictly speaking, professionally qualifiedWear helpIt will not cause hearing loss but will help slow down the process of deafness.

The senile deafness that is common in the elderly is itself due to hearing impairment caused by the aging of the auditory system. The older a person is, the more aging the organ is, and the lower the hearing is. This decline is irreversible. By wearing a hearing aid, the hearing loss can help the hearing loss, the sound stimulates the auditory nerve, and the brain is sensitive to sound. It will not fall.

In fact, there is a need not to use a hearing aid, but it will accelerate the process of hearing degradation.

As for some people, after wearing the hearing aid for a period of time, it will feel that the hearing is not as good as before when the hearing aid is not worn, so it is worried that the hearing aid will wear more and more.

In fact, this situation is because the brain has adapted to the sound feeling after wearing the hearing aid and suddenly took it down. Wear helpIt is difficult to adapt at once. If you do not wear a hearing aid for a while, it will restore the original feeling.

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