Wearing a hearing aid has no side effects

Many people have such a misunderstanding that hearing is getting worse after wearing a hearing aid. In fact, there is a need not to use a hearing aid, it will only cause difficulties in communicating with people and accelerate the deterioration of hearing. Deafness caused by any reason, as long as it is scientifically selected and used properly, will not cause damage to the original hearing. Many people wear hearing aids for a period of time, and when they feel that they are not wearing hearing aids, their hearing is not as good as it used to be.


This situation is because the brain has adapted to the sound feeling after wearing the hearing aid. Suddenly taking the hearing aid is difficult to adapt at once. If it is not worn for a while, it will return to its original feeling. Just as the eyes suddenly enter a darker place from a bright place, they will not see clearly, and will adapt slowly after a while. At this time, the hearing is checked, and the general hearing does not decrease. Some people have a certain degree of sensitivity due to the stimulation of the hearing aid. However, some deaf patients continue to experience hearing loss during the use of hearing aids. This is the result of the disease itself or the natural aging of hearing. Just like senile deafness and certain hereditary deafness can lead to a decline in hearing. Experts especially reminded that sudden deafness should not be rushed to wear a hearing aid. It should be treated for a period of time (including drugs, exercise, massage, acupuncture, etc.). If it still does not improve, consider wearing a hearing aid. When using a hearing aid, it must be thoroughly inspected by a professional fitter. According to the different degree of hearing loss of each person, choose a suitable hearing aid. Do not buy it yourself or wear it at will, so as not to damage the remaining hearing.

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