Will the hearing aid wear more ears?

Think about it, if you don’t wear glasses, your vision will improve, stay the same, or continue to decline.?Presbyopia without wearing a mirror, as you age,old flowerIt will also become heavier and heavier, which is the inevitable result of the deterioration of vision function; college students with myopia and glasses, the degree of myopia will be aggravated, and more weight. This is because they need more vision than ordinary people. The need for help without glasses can only lead to excessive visual fatigue and accelerate the process of irregular light. The same is true of hearing. The need without a hearing aid only increases the difficulty of hearing and accelerates the process of hearing degradation. Conversely, wearing a suitable hearing aid itself does not lead to worse and worse hearing.

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There is one exception. Deaf patients wear hearing aids that are not suitable for their use.300Degree of myopia wear800The degree of myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful. The same is true for hearing aids. Therefore, hearing aids also need fitting, and it is a more complicated and detailed fitting than glasses. To be precise, wearing a properly qualified hearing aid that has been accurately matched does not increase the degree of deafness, which is beneficial to slow down the deafness process. Customized hearing aids have a peak clipping circuit that can control its maximum output below the discomfort threshold. No matter how much external sound is amplified by the hearing aid, it will not cause discomfort to the wearer, so there will be no excessive sound and residual Further impairment of hearing.

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