Will the hearing aid be worn more and more?

Older, presbyopia, naturally with a pair of glasses to wear, this is normal. However, the hearing has dropped, and the doctor has told him that he needs to wear a hearing aid. Many old people will be surprised and unacceptable. So is it that people are old and can’t hear it, even? Or does the ear not listen to the net? Although the refusal of the hearing aid can keep the face, it will slowly alienate the society and create deeper and deeper barriers with its loved ones and friends.


When the old age is back, will the hearing aid be worn more and more?

A number of investigations have suggested that elderly people with hearing loss have decreased their social communication skills due to the increased difficulty in communicating with their peers and juniors in daily life. The sense of loneliness is enhanced, and the recognition of self is declining. I always feel that I am old and not used, and eventually lead to a decline in the quality of life. Therefore, you can’t let you not become a habit. Causes of deafness in the elderly.The causes of senile hearing loss are diversified. At present, the more consistent views are related to the natural aging of the auditory system, the gradual accumulation of noise contact, and genetic factors.

When the old age is back, will the hearing aid be worn more and more? How to judge the old man’s hearing problems? On the phone with your parents, they found out that they answered questions or often asked you to repeat what they said. In the case of face-to-face communication: there may be no problem with face-to-face communication, but behind them, they often respond more slowly than before.

I don’t know what my grandchildren said: In addition to showing that some of the voices are not heard, the old people also show that they cannot understand each other’s words (the hearing clarity is declining). This kind of obstacle is more prominent in the environment where children and grandchildren gather together and laugh and laugh. When the old age is back, will the hearing aid be worn more and more? If the above situation occurs, you can consider taking your parents to the local otolaryngology department or hearing center to detect hearing. After confirming the existence of senile hearing loss, the positive fitting of the hearing aid is a positive treatment.

Wearing a suitable hearing aid does not cause hearing loss, and sometimes delays hearing loss. According to earlier data, the number of people with hearing loss in China is as high as1.5Billion people, but because of the traditional concept and the propaganda of protecting hearing, the penetration rate of hearing aids in China is only3%And the use of hearing aids in Western developed countries is high.35%. Reasonable hearing aids can help people with hearing impairments achieve good speech communication and improve their quality of life.

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