Will hearing aids reduce hearing??Hear what the experts say

About “wearingHearing aidIt will make hearing loss.” Many hearing-impaired friends will have this misunderstanding. In fact, if wearing a proper hearing aid does not cause hearing loss, it will not only help us hear the sound, make life more convenient, but also The auditory center maintains continuous auditory stimulation, and the ear and the brain are both “invaded and retired”. Even if it is not “more and more used,” the results of pure tone audiometry will not improve. After adaptation and practice, the language recognition rate and The ability to listen to noise will be improved to some extent. But some people find that hearing loss has decreased after wearing a hearing aid. What is going on? According to our observation, there are three reasons. First, the hearing aid is not suitable for wearing. For example, when the machine is adjusted, the sound is too loud, the noise is not managed, and so on. When you wear it, you can hear more sounds. However, the long time is actually a kind of noise equivalent to the ear, which causes the hearing to drop.


Another main reason is that the hearing loss person has progressive hearing loss, such as the typical large vestibule, Meniere, or senile deafness. These hearing loss itself will continue or suddenly decline, and wear it. Hearing aids don’t matter. For example, if you are nearsighted, go with a pair of glasses, if the match is not suitable, then you may still not see clearly and even the vision drops faster. Vision will continue to decline if it is properly matched but you have not changed your previous bad habits. It can’t be said that “wearing glasses will make your vision drop.” There is also a situation in which hearing involves psychoacoustics. When the hearing aid is adapted, it will have a little psychological dependence. There will be an illusion that the hearing is not as good as before. In fact, if you do a professional listening test, there is no difference in hearing before and after.

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