Why is the hearing aid so boring?[How to solve]

Hearing aids are auxiliary products that can compensate for the sound in the range of hearing. The structure of the human ear is very complicated and complicated. The current medical methods cannot be cured. Wearing hearing aids cannot completely cure deafness!

Hearing loss patients, as long as you have residual hearing can be associated with hearing aids, if you can’t hear the sound, the tympanic membrane does not move, does not stimulate the nerves, the hearing will get worse and worse, hearing loss, resolution in the fall, a long period Time, I will hear the sound, but I don’t know what to say.

Hearing aid The main function is to expand the sound, so that the remaining hearing can maximize the use of potential residual hearing awakening, so that the patient will suffer hearing loss after wearing the hearing aid after correct rehabilitation. Under the guidance of the assembly department, scientific training will be conducted to understand the sound from the sound. , hearing loss is compensated, which not only improves the ability to hear to understand the effect of improving, so that normal communication, chat can improve themselves-Confidence.


Now there are patients with hearing loss. If hearing loss is found, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination early, early intervention, and the hearing aid cannot be restored as soon as possible by medical means. Do not waste the most precious recovery time. Rehabilitation cannot be achieved. The above is based on the wearer’s audiogram and wear requirements. debugging.

Because hearing aids without noise reduction not only amplify “useful” sounds, but also for wearers with ever-changing living environments, they need to choose hearing aids with noise reduction instead of all The sound in the environment becomes louder.

At the same time, there are many factors that affect the wearing effect of hearing aids. There are two main aspects:

First, the patient’s factors. The nature, extent, age, educational level, living environment, hearing aid expectations, hearing aid perception of the patient’s hearing loss,

Second, the factors of hearing aids. Hearing aid line, performance, appearance, power, binaural wear, test grading and debugging

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