Why is hearing good or bad?

The Eustachian tube is a switch for the hearing function of the ear. Its task is to balance the air pressure on the inside and outside of the tympanic membrane by opening and closing. When the air pressure is unbalanced, the hearing is lowered, and the air pressure is balanced, the hearing returns to normal. When taking off and landing on the plane, you can feel the role of the Eustachian tube. Daily cold or sinusitis, nasal mucosa swelling, increased nasal secretions, sinus blockage, eustachian tube can not open normally, the pressure difference between the inner and outer ear pressure oppression of the tympanic membrane or convex, hearing is affected. When the symptoms of the disease disappear, the eustachian tube will open and the hearing will improve. Nasal polyps can be understood as tissue hyperplasia, which can cause secretory otitis media. As the polyps grow slowly, they gradually become persistent nasal congestion, often accompanied by sinusitis, increased nasal discharge, causing olfactory disturbances and headaches, and through the eustachian tube. Compression or inflammatory irritation causes a decline in dysfunction of the eustachian tube. It can be treated by endoscopic minimally invasive surgery or nasal puncture drainage combined with administration to attenuate the polyps until the treatment is eliminated. After the cure, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid cold to prevent colds. Once the cold is cured, it should be thoroughly treated in time, otherwise it is easy to relapse nasal polyps.


Bad habits can also affect hearing:

1When you blow your nose, you can squeeze the nostrils on both sides at the same time. It is easy to squeeze the sinus into the middle ear through the eustachian tube, causing otitis media and causing hearing loss.

2Exposure to high-intensity noise, such as wearing protective earplugs when working in a noisy factory, listening to music for a long time wearing headphones or using your mobile phone for a long time.

3And often rub your ears.

4Stay up all night.

5High fat, high calorie diet.

6,drug abuse.

Finally, some precautions are emphasized: the working and living environment should keep the air fresh.;Do not develop bad habits of blowing nose, when the nasal congestion is serious, you should not force your nose to avoid sinusitis, otitis media, etc.; avoid spicy, alcoholic and other irritating foods; quit smoking and alcohol; the most important thing is to strengthen physical exercise and improve physical resistance. force.

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