Why do you need a fitting for hearing aids?

“Finishing” means selecting the appropriate one under the guidance of professional technicians.Hearing aid. Like glasses, Hearing aid is another human physiological function aid that needs to be “fitted”. The first is because people’s hearing impairments vary greatly. Examples of deafness: different types of deafness, different levels of hearing impairment, no tinnitus, fear of fear, hearing, etc., resulting in different hearing differences. Different hearing loss needs to be a different hearing aid. In fact, even if the level of hearing impairment is the same, everyone’s feelings may be different. These differences may be related to living habits, work environment, subjective affordability and so on. The feeling is different, and the requirements for hearing aids are of course different. The hearing aid itself brand, a variety of models, suitable for users, more suitable for their actual needs, is the user can not solve their very professional problems, only professionals can choose. For example, for patients with strong allergies, should patients with severe hearing loss be selected and how should they be selected? Emphasizing the zoom, they will feel the sound great; Emphasis on strong sound compression is also leading to unreal and clear signals. How to solve such contradictions, hearing aid accessories is one of the important tasks. Only the user is in the hearing condition and the performance of the selected hearing aid to achieve the best hearing aid. Different hearing impairments require different performance hearing aids, while “fit” is a hearing aid that requires different users and different performances. Assuming the hearing aid is not suitable, what will it do in the store? In most cases, the use of hearing aids is not only difficult to function as a hearing aid, but more seriously it may damage the user’s residual hearing, resulting in a more exhausted deaf person. In view of this, the hearing aid must be qualified to be worn by qualified personnel. Only after correct cooperation can the function of the hearing aid be truly put into play: the hearing aid is a secondary medical device, and the industry implements a strict authorization system. In order to ensure proper hearing aids, it must be qualified. Professional hearing service center fitting.

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