Why are the hearing aids used during the fitting?

At present, the hearing aid market, the ear-back hearing aid is relatively versatile, only need to replace the earplugs of the right size can be used, but the custom machine is not in stock, each person’s ear canal size is different, need to be based on the customer’s own ear canal situation, take The ear sample is sent to the manufacturer to customize its own custom machine, otherwise the ear canal will not fit, there will be gaps, whistling, improper wearing.


Customized hearing aids, as the name suggests, require customization, tailored to each person’s ear canal after sampling. Therefore, there is no ready-made test for you to listen to, even if there is a ready-made, it will cause screaming and pain because of wearing dissatisfied posts, but will have a bad impression on the custom machine. You can use the ear-back type to audition, and feel that the effect is ideally customized, and now there are30Days of free trials, if the custom hearing aids are not good, you can also change the back of the ear.

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