Single ear selection refers to the selection of only one hearing aid. The side effects are shadow effect and hearing deprivation effect. Shadow effect is due to the high-frequency attenuation of the sound from one side of the unaided ear due to the barrier of the skull, resulting in a signal-to-noise ratio difference of up to 13dB between the two ears; hearing deprivation effect is caused by long-term single ear hearing aid, and the unaided ear gradually loses speech resolution. Therefore, it is recommended to select the two ears, that is, both ears should be equipped with hearing aids. The direction of sound source can be judged when hearing the sound with hearing aids on both ears, which can obviously enlarge the range of hearing and improve the speech intelligibility in noisy environment. The more serious the hearing loss is, the more important it is to choose a pair of ears. Generally, as long as the binaural hearing loss and no contraindications for binaural selection, binaural selection is recommended.

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There are a number of benefits to the binaural option:

1) the hearing on both sides is balanced;

2) be able to judge the direction of sound source;

3) with the increase of SNR, speech intelligibility will be improved;

4) you can make “bionic” choices. For example, if you want to hear the driver’s voice while sitting in the car, but don’t want to hear the noise in the street, you can turn off the hearing aid on the side facing the street;

5) when walking, the sense of balance will be enhanced. If it is worn with one ear, people tend to walk on the side with good hearing.

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