Why do old people don’t want to wear a hearing aid?

Not only the elderly, but also the children. Just wearing a hearing aid, there is also a period of incompatibility. I have a hearing aid in my ears. After adaptation, it is very convenient. People are like this. There is always a sudden change. Not adapting to time, including wearing a denture, also requires a period of adaptation.


One is the habit problem, because people in the age group of 50 to 70 say that they are old, but many people are psychologically reluctant to admit that they are old. Wearing a hearing aid will affect the appearance, objectively giving people the feeling that he has entered the ranks of the elderly or the state of degeneration, which will have a negative impact on their psychology.

The second is that after hearing loss of such people, it is still possible to communicate with people in a quiet environment, so if it is not socially necessary, they may prefer the kind of life mode that they are used to.

The third reason is that some hearing aids do have problems in the adaptation period. When the hearing aid sound processing technology is worn, some sounds change and change the tone, especially when you first wear the hearing aid and the original sound. It’s not the same, because he may have some residual hearing in the other ear. He won’t be able to hear it without wearing it, so he won’t wear it.

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