Why do hearing aids also need maintenance?

The key to the maintenance and maintenance of hearing aids is moisture, battery leakage, vibration and ear wax. It is recommended that when the hearing aid is deactivated every night, open the hearing aid door and place it in the dry box. Regularly3Months (the specific time interval depends on the personal use method and the use environment to determine the maintenance time) to the professional fitting center for cleaning and maintenance. After half a year or so, go to the hearing center to check your hearing and debug according to the specific hearing situation.


Hearing aids can affect the use of hearing aids if they are wet or accumulated in earwax. Careful maintenance and maintenance of hearing aids can extend their service life. So wear a hearing aid to do the following:

1Moisture proof The maintenance of hearing aids is the key to moisture protection. Be sure to remove the hearing aid when washing your face, bathing, swimming, and raining. Place the hearing aid in a container containing desiccant before going to sleep.

2,clean Proper cleaning can improve the life and effectiveness of your hearing aids. Dry after use every day A soft cloth cleans the earwax and sweat on the surface of the hearing aid. For custom machines, check that the sound tube is blocked by earwax and that the microphone inlet is blocked by dust. Use a special small brush to clean it. For ear-back hearing aids, if the sound tube of the ear mold is found to be blocked by ear wax, it should be cleaned in time. For example, there are small water drops in the ear mold sound tube, and the small water drops should be sucked out or dried. For the box machine, the earwax in the earplug should be cleaned.

3, battery storage and replacement Do not buy too much at one time and keep it in a cool dry place. If the sound is not good, replace the battery immediately. Do not remove the battery for a long time, in case the battery leaks and corrodes the hearing aid.

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