How to maintain hearing aidsHow to maintain hearing aids can extend life

It is recommended that you remove the surface of the hearing aid with a cotton swab or a soft cotton cloth before going to bed every night, then use a small brush to remove the sputum (cuff) or blockage from the mouth, then open the battery compartment (the battery does not need to be removed) and put it on the dry In the box (the desiccant inside should be replaced if it changes color). If you do not apply the hearing aid for more than one week, be sure to remove the battery, otherwise the machine will leak and corrode. Hearing aids are electronic products. They are afraid of shaking water. It is forbidden to enter the water. When bathing, washing your hair and washing your face, you should remove the hearing aid. After washing, wait until the ear canal is dry before wearing. Avoid dropping the hearing aid and carefully dispose of the hearing aid to prevent it from falling on a hard object and damaging the machine. If you wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid, you will find water droplets in the sound tube in the winter. You also need to clean it (you can pull the sound tube down and sip it, or blow it dry), otherwise the machine will have a weaker or even silent sound. For patients with suppurative otitis media, the hearing aid may not be worn during the pus, so as not to aggravate the condition and damage the hearing aid.


If you are using a plug-in drying box, we recommend that you use the frequency as3Month/Times, each time3-6Hours, you can also every3Regularly carry out professional cleaning and maintenance at the fitting center (the rainy season season shortens the maintenance interval appropriately).

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