Which is good for the elderly?GuangdongWhich is good for the elderly?

When the elderly suffer hearing loss, they will call and watch TV. They will often be self-satisfied and answer questions. Communication is difficult and difficult. The hearing aid should be selected as early as possible so that the elderly can not listen to it.Which is good for the elderly?What? The hearing aid industry has circulated such a phrase “healing aids three-scoring and seven-distribution”. It can be seen that the hearing aid fitting store and the fitter play an extremely important role in the hearing aid fitting, and choose where to fit the hearing aid.Which is good for the elderly?.In fact, it is to see the professional level of the fitting center and the fitter.


Our advantage

A wide range: Targeted solutions for people’s different hearing and health needs; hearing-impaired solutions and hearing and speech rehabilitation services for the hearing impaired.

Complete projects: provide professional hearing and health care services such as hearing detection, hearing aid products (hearing aids, electronic cochlear, etc.) fitting and debugging, hearing aid evaluation, hearing aid product maintenance and repair, hearing and speech rehabilitation.

Advanced equipment: equipped with imported pure tone audiometer, imported video otoscope, otolaryngology clinic, acoustic impedance meter (middle ear analyzer), real ear analyzer, hearing aid analyzer, scene surround experience system, visual enhancement, sound field Wait.

A wide range of products: private custom hearing aids, electronic cochlear, hearing protectors, custom music headphones, custom swimming ear molds, custom sleep earplugs and other related products.

Technical Profession: Hearing fitters are highly trained hearing specialists who perform professional listening tests and develop comprehensive and personalized hearing solutions based on the results. The science-specific Hearing Rehabilitation Guide helps you adapt your hearing aids better and faster, benefiting more from your hearing aids.

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