Hearing aids it good to wear both ears or one ear?

In China, due to the constraints of economic conditions, many elderly people have poor hearing, but they do not use a single ear to enlarge, only wear a hearing aid. In fact, this is unscientific. What are the auditory physiological advantages of both ears?

1. The squelch effect improves the signal to noise ratio. When the binaural hearing is the same, the background noise is not easy to cover the speech sound; but the binaural hearing does not work. Squelch can additionally increase the noise signal12dBAnd still can bear it.

2.Binocular integration. This refers to the combined effect of the ears on similar acoustic signals. If one ear first hears a low-frequency sound and the other ear is late to a high-frequency sound, then one sound is heard one high and one low. If you receive two signals high and low at the same time, you will hear a comprehensive sound. This is fusion.

3.The binaural accumulation effect. Compared with monophonic listening, the loudness of both ears can be significantly increased.6-10dB. The hearing threshold of both ears is also improved compared to the one-ear listening3dBabout.

4.Binocular orientation. Humans determine the orientation of the sound source by comparing the time and loudness of the sound between the ears. The orientation effect is achieved by the ability of the binaural to distinguish the intensity, time, phase and frequency difference of the front, rear, left and right sound sources. The single ear has no positioning effect on the left and right sound sources. When listening with a single ear, the sound source seems to come from the ear side; while the sound from the other side feels far away, or feels on the healthy side. The localization effect of the brainstem or midbrain injury is also weakened or lost, but the intensity of the sound depends on the sound source direction.

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