Where is the ear-back hearing aid?Why recommend

The hearing aids are distinguished by the shape of a behind-the-ear hearing aid, an ear canal hearing aid, a deep ear canal hearing aid, and a box hearing aid. The ear-back hearing aid is also called a behind-the-ear or ear-hook hearing aid. It relies on a hard plastic ear hook that is bent in a semi-circular shape to hang behind the ear. It is also the mainstream hearing aid shape on the market, which can meet the needs of most customers.


Under normal circumstances, as long as customers do not have special requirements on the shape, we often recommend customers to choose behind-the-ear hearing aids. The ear-back hearing aid has many advantages: it is powerful, easy to operate, stylish in appearance, competitive in price, comfortable to wear, and is popular among consumers. I have met some customers who have chosen a pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids when they have already selected a pair of in-ear hearing aids. They choose to wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid when they are not attending a formal occasion that requires appearance. They feel that the behind-the-ear hearing aids are more comfortable to wear and sound better. Here, I simply explain the advantages of some ear-back hearing aids for hearing patients, and I hope I can help you.

1The ear-back hearing aid is larger than the ear canal type, and can be more functional applications, such as Bluetooth.FMThe technology is placed on the back of the ear to meet more different listening needs. Dual microphones can be set to activate different directionalities, ensure speech signals in complex environments, and improve signal-to-noise ratio;

2The user has a large power of the ear and can meet the needs of different hearing loss, and the scope of the fitting is wide;

3The ear-back hearing aid has low requirements on the ear canal and low cost for replacing the ear mold;

4The ear-back hearing aid is easy to operate and easy to clean, and the ear mold and sound tube can be removed and cleaned;

5The current design of the ear-back machine is more fashionable, and has become the main direction for more deaf patients to choose;

6The ear-back hearing aids are imported, and the custom machines are produced in domestic branches;

7At an affordable price, it is cheaper than other models in the same series.

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