When do old people need to wear hearing aids?

With the increase of age, the inner ear listens to the decline and aging of hair cells, and the ability of the brain’s auditory center to resolve is also declining. However, the elderly are generally reluctant to admit that they “have their ears back” and think that others are unclear. This is because the old age is always based on high frequency loss,z,c,sEqual high frequency consonant(Initials)Hear difficulties, buta,o,eEqual low frequency vowel(Finals)Hearing is not bad, so it is often expressed as being able to hear people speak, but often can’t hear clearly, and others have to repeat.


Modern hearing aids have been able to compensate the elderly for hearing compensation. Old people in developed countries are30~40dBI started wearing low-power hearing aids to improve the quality of life requirements. Many elderly people in China are50~70dBWhen you chooseElderly hearing aidRehabilitation is often hesitant. There are economic factors here, but more importantly, they are aware of the problem. It is believed that with the development of the economy, this situation will gradually improve as the elderly’s requirements for physical and mental health and quality of life improve.

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