What to do if the hearing aid is noisyHearing aid with a noise

1,Why is the hearing aid noisy, I think what you have to ask is why the normal hearing aid is so noisy, because a hearing aid that is not working properly may be a hearing aid that is broken. We don’t discuss it. It’s normal to discuss only one hearing aid. But wearing it still feels noisy.

2,If you are a new hearing aid user (the first hearing aid), I feel noisy. It may be that there is a long time before, and a lot of sounds are not heard. Now the hearing aid is amplified and heard, but it is not suitable for these sounds. Ill, noisy. The way to solve this kind of noisy and discomfort is to start not to put the sound of the hearing aid too large, and the sound can be slowly overdone.


3,If you are an old user of hearing aids, it is generally noisy. You may feel that the hearing aid is noisy after new debugging or new machine replacement. Obviously this is caused by improper debugging or new hearing aid selection. Need to re-commission or replace the machine.

4,If your hearing aid suddenly feels noisy during the wearing process, it may be that the hearing aid is broken and needs to be repaired.

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