Wear help What if the listener has noise?

Noise is Wear help One of the problems that often occurs in wearing, some patients wear hearing aidsAfter that, I will feel obvious noise, so where is the noise?Come here?

Wear help Where does the noise come from?

From the technical analysis of hearing aids, hearing aid noise has:

1.Internal noise floor from the hearing aid’s own machine

2.The amplification of the external environment noise of the hearing aid under working conditions

The effect of hearing aid technical content on noise:

1.Simulating the noise emitted by the hearing aid itself<30Decibel or so.

2.The noise of the all-digital hearing aid itself is<15Decibel or so.

Due to the working principle of the simulated hearing aid, it does not take any intelligent measures in the process of amplifying the external environment noise, and the external sound is amplified by the same amplification principle, so the wearer often walks on the road with many people and more vehicles. I feel that the sound of the hearing aid is very noisy, the sound is too loud, I feel uncomfortable, and the effect on communication with people is not very good!

Full number Wear help Due to the different working principle and the nature of the simulated machine, especially when the complex external environment invades, the internal processing ability of the external sound is revealed. It effectively mitigates the noise by simulating the cochlear function of the human ear. Interfering with the thinking of the human brain. Effective and targeted compression processing of each frequency band makes us feel more natural when listening, and does not feel uncomfortable. The sound characteristics of all digital hearing aids are summarized: loud and uncomfortable, whispered!

So what are the main reasons for hearing aid noise?

1,Wear help Wearing the way is incorrect

If the earplug of the hearing aid is not tightly sealed, it will produce a howling sound, which may be mistaken for noise. The patient should wear earplugs or replace the ear mold.

2, hearing aids need to be debugged

If the hearing aid is not properly tuned, it may cause a lot of noise in a noisy environment. You can go to the fitting center to make the hearing aid fitting machine debug.

3, Hearing aid performance

Some of the matchmakers’ old-fashioned analog hearing aids do not meet the fitter’s fit requirements. In fact, considering the characteristics of hearing impairment of neurological deafness and hearing intervention, the purpose of rehabilitation, such patients should be selected, multi-channel digital intelligent hearing aids are appropriate.

4, Low frequency sound is too high

This type of noise often varies from person to person, and different people hear different voices. For example, the sound of running water, rustling, etc. are called noise. Most of this noise can be adjusted by lowering the low frequency gain.

5, Local noise

The local noise can be solved by the microphone noise suppression function. The principle is to set an inflection point to reduce the low noise by using the anti-compression method. The advantage is that the hearing aid does not generate noise in a quiet environment.

Hearing aids are recommended for both ears, which improves speech intelligibility in the noisy environment and takes advantage of the brain’s natural noise suppression. At the same time, binaural wear can also clearly distinguish the sense of direction.

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