Can you wear a hearing aid for noise deafness?

Certainly there is some help. First, go to the professional fitting center to check the hearing situation of the elderly first. According to the specific hearing situation, choose the hearing aid suitable for the elderly, scientifically and correctly select the hearing aid, and hear the words to be able to hear the words. Communication, the original inaccurate words will also improve, but can not reach the normal level, the specific effects vary from person to person, the ability to distinguish the sound is also to improve the listening experience.

It is recommended to stay away from the noise environment after noise damage. If the hearing is not improved, it is recommended to wear the hearing aid as soon as possible. It is recommended to wear a hearing aid and then adapt to a quiet environment, try to stay away from the noise environment, avoid being in a noisy environment for a long time, review the hearing regularly, and evaluate the hearing aid effect. If the hearing improves, you should promptly adjust the volume of the hearing aid to the fitting center to avoid hearing loss caused by excessive hearing aid gain.

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