What should I consider when choosing a hearing aid for my deaf?

1See if he is an old man or a young person,10Young people who are old, still0 ~ 6Older infants;

2From wealthy families in the city, or from poor rural areas;

3How is my culture high and low, listening to the children’s parents’ scientific and technological knowledge, and the level of culture;

4Can you speak, is it a simple answer, or a reaction to a loud voice, only a few words of five or six-year-old children or crying as usual3Infants under the age of one;

5What is the child’s intelligence, whether it is accompanied by head and face and other abnormal signs in addition to poor hearing, because there are more than 100 kinds of human deafness syndrome;

6Whether it is moderate, extreme or full, whether the pure tone audiogram is measured, and what is the characteristic of the threshold curve;

7,is true6It is difficult to make pure tone audiometry for deaf children under the age of five, to see how they react to shouts, toy sounds, environmental sounds, or behavioral measurements made in conditional units;

8There are no similar deafness in the three generations of the father of the family. These are valuable for you to choose or recommend a suitable hearing aid.

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