Old man wearing Hearing aid What issues to pay attention to

Hearing aid Appearance can be divided into:Box machine, ear back machine, custom machine. Specifically, it depends on how the hearing loss of the elderly is, and the price is from a few hundred yuan./Only a few thousand dollars/Only, even tens of thousands/Only have it.

1Before purchasing a hearing aid, you should go to the hospital or a licensed hearing aid professional fitting shop to consult and conduct a hearing assessment.

2Choose the appropriate shape of the hearing aid. Box-type, low price but high noise; deep ear canal, expensive, beautiful appearance; ear-hook and in-ear hearing aids, moderate price, aesthetics are also acceptable.

3Wear and adapt to the hospital for a month. Then schedule the subsequent commissioning time according to the situation. In general, at least go to the hospital hearing center to test your hearing at least once a year, and re-commission the hearing aid once. Hearing aids are used correctly, regularly cleaned, and tested to extend the life of the hearing aid.

Hearing hearing aid advice: It is recommended to choose a good brand of hearing aids, the quality is more secure;.Wearing a hearing aid must have an adaptive process. Don’t expect to recover 100% of your hearing when you turn on your hearing aid. When I first started wearing it, the sound was lighter and gradually increased. I used it indoors first, then used it outdoors, and gradually adapted it. I avoided wearing the hearing aid. The hearing aid needs to be worn for several hours every day, so that the sound can be “exercised”. Prevent the auditory nerve from deteriorating.

What should you pay attention to when choosing hearing aids for the elderly?

1Be sure to go to a specialized hearing center, find a professional fitter to detect your hearing, and adjust your hearing aids. Do not buy at the store, pharmacy, or choose a hearing aid based on subjective feelings.

2Have reasonable expectations. The expensive hearing aid is not as good as your original ear, but it can help you overcome most of the difficulties. If your expectations are too high, it will inevitably lead to rejection of it, and you will not be able to get it.

3Pay attention to the training during the adaptation period. Just bring a hearing aid, you will feel too noisy around, people can’t hear clearly, and some sounds are changed, which is common. If you can follow the professional advice and carefully carry out the training during the adaptation period, these discomforts can be overcome.

4If conditions permit, try to use hearing aids with better functions and better quality, and you can receive better compensation effects. Be aware that hearing is critical to the quality of your life. Hearing loss, if not compensated, will exacerbate aging and will lead you to social life too early.

5If you find hearing loss, you should check it as soon as possible and fit the appropriate hearing aid. The lighter the loss, the better the effect, and even if it gradually declines in the future, it is easier to adjust.

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