I believe many people have heard this sentence when they go to the hearing aid store or the hearing center. “The hearing aid is not the more expensive, but the best for your needs.” How to understand this sentence?

This sentence is actually ambiguous. In theory, the more expensive the hearing aid, the higher the level, and the stronger the function and effect. Therefore, from the perspective of price, 2 million hearing aids are of course better than 1, and 1 million hearing aids are certainly better than 5. So many people sneer when they hear this sentence, and everyone knows that it is better.

But why do many authoritative audiologists say that? In fact, we did not understand the meaning of this sentence. Of course, in terms of price, the more expensive the better, the more expensive the function, but it is not so understood from the perspective of investing in health.

We all know that investing in one’s own health is one of the most important investments in life, as is hearing health. You spend money to learn English, maybe for work, maybe for studying abroad, this is an investment.

You spend money to travel, perhaps to see the world, perhaps to relax, this is also an investment.

You spend money to improve your health, including hearing health, perhaps for life, or for survival, which is an investment.

All of these investments have one thing in common. It is to spend money to do things that are good for them. It is probably rare to spend money to do things that are not good for you.

Xiaobian is understood from the perspective of health investment. Since it is all investment, it involves the problem of spending more money and spending less. One of the things involved here is income. There is no profitable investment, it is a public good. It is almost non-existent in the purchase of hearing aids. I have never heard of a hearing person who has nothing to buy a hearing aid hidden in the cabinet as an heirloom. The hearing aids are all the people in need, in other words, are hearing impaired or hearing impaired families.

When it comes to spending money, you have to weigh the benefits. Take travel, if you just want to go to the Great Wall to play a circle, how much will you spend? It depends on your needs. If you are traveling in China, you should find public transportation and buy a ticket to go around. If you are a foreigner, you may have to rent a bilingual tour guide. If you are a local tyrant, you must not rent. A beautiful woman escort; if you are Wang Moongcong, then go to the Great Wall can not spend a hundred and ten thousand are embarrassed to mix in the circle. You see, go to the Great Wall and do something, from a few hundred to a few million. Someone immediately said, if there is money, who does not want to be accompanied by a beautiful woman, a luxury car to pick up. This involves the benefits. When you spend money, you have to think about it. Is it worth the money?

This is related to needs, as well as hearing health. For example, a child and an elderly person wear hearing aids, and the level is generally very different. Children generally choose well, because children have to learn the language, it is the flower of the motherland, and it also carries the hope of the family. However, the elderly feel that they are already in their late years. They can listen and say that they can make life accessible and not dementia.

However, the needs of the elderly are also different. Some old people, such as old professors and highly respected people, are well-matched because they have to contribute to society. In addition, some families are particularly filial, and their parents have been working hard for a lifetime. They cannot let them hear or hear the call of their grandchildren. In the last few years to decades of family, they feel that it is more expensive than tens of thousands of dollars, and that will also choose a good hearing aid.

It’s true that people are not enjoying life. People have not burned hundreds of millions of “people’s money” to let the old man give him a hearing aid. Really, the Qingming Festival a few days ago, I really saw the hearing aids for burning paper. The world is not surprising. In the early years, I heard that there were mobile phones and sports cars that burned paper, and later developed into Filipino maids and beautiful women who burned the paper. In the end, I found the demand. Now the demand has been refined into the paper-printed hearing aid. I know that the old man has a bad hearing, and I am afraid that I will be uncomfortable there. When it is clear, it will show filial piety to a paper-healing hearing aid. Xiao Bian expressed that he could not smile, and he did it early.

Then, where is your demand, how to choose it, the editor made a picture, everyone can check in.

The leftmost column in the figure is the level of the hearing aid. As mentioned earlier, it is roughly divided into three, and the horizontal is the demand.

Starting from the bottom of the bottom, if you just want to communicate at home, in a quiet living environment, and have nothing to call, then you can choose a primary hearing aid.

If you want to go to the nightclub, go to sing K, you still have to study and work, and you have to go to the big stalls every three or five times. At most, you have to get above the middle level. The average child starts from this level because you have to learn this level. For children, it is entry-level.

If there is a higher demand, then a high-level hearing aid is required.

But there are three things to note here:

1, different people have different levels of hearing loss, no matter which type you choose, you must first meet the hearing needs to consider others.

2, everyone has different requirements for quality of life. Many people want to use deep ear canal hearing aids, but this kind of hearing aid has many limitations and is not suitable for everyone. We must be clear that the primary function of hearing aids is to let you hear clearly. As for beauty and function, it is something to consider on the basis of hearing clearly.

3, no matter which kind of hearing aid you choose, you have to wear comfort and convenience.

Of course, these need to refer to the advice of the audiologist/hounding aid fitter. Knowing your needs, combined with your own hearing loss, you probably know what level of hearing aid you need.


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