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Some gentleman this year65Years old, hearing loss has been3-4Years have passed, and recent speech resolving power has also deteriorated. So came to the hearing aid hearing aid center. I gave a hearing test to a gentleman. The hearing test results: the average hearing loss of the left ear air conduction is76db,The average hearing loss of the right ear air conduction is78.5db,Both ears are severe hearing loss, and the bone conduction of both ears is decreased, which belongs to neurological deafness. After the hearing test, I asked Mr. Tang aboutHearing aidThe request, a gentleman and I said that the first can listen to others to speak; secondly, do not have noise, don’t shake the ear; then the price can not be too expensive; the appearance has no special requirements. According to Mr. Tang’s test results and listening needs, I suggest that a pair of Odyssey Rainbow Hearing Aids be selected for a certain gentleman. After listening to the audition, a gentleman obviously feels that it is not difficult to talk, and no need to shout loudly with me and my family. There was a long-lost smile on his face. Wearing effect verification: after3-4Adapted to the month, now a certain gentleman has fully adapted to the hearing aid, and communicates with the family is also very comfortable, assessing the rehabilitation effect of the hearing aid, a certain gentleman’s speech recognition rate is reached90%that’s all.


Experience: As a fitter, the successful wearing of every hearing loss patient is the best encouragement for me. I would like to use my profession to open the window for you to listen to the sound!

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