What kind of hearing aid is goodWhat are the good hearing aids?

The professional fitter is actually providing a hearing aid for the hearing loss patients, including the improvement of the language recognition rate, the audibility of the environmental sound, the sound quality and the loudness of the loudness. It is said that the hearing loss can return to normal life to the greatest extent, and the language recognition function is very important for patients with hearing loss. If you want to know whether the hearing aid improves the language recognition ability of patients with hearing loss, it is necessary to judge whether the hearing aid meets the following four conditions through a systematic evaluation:


1Have you recovered enough hearing sensitivity to allow hearing-impaired patients to hear the language and environment that they cannot hear when they are not wearing hearing aids (see how much hearing-impaired patients hear).

2, recovery, whether to maintain language discrimination and understanding, so that the language and the special voice in the daily environment can be clear (see the degree of hearing loss patients can hear).

3Hearing loss patients should achieve the above objectives as much as possible in a language that is audible in a noisy environment;

4Hearing aids must maintain a high sound level, but they cannot reach the level of discomfort (uncomfortable or too loud).

Some children or hearing loss can not fully achieve the above-mentioned goals, but the corresponding clinical expectation of the patient’s target mark is to understand the effects of low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency amplification and compensation of hearing aid frequency through professional fitting. Whether it is necessary to debug improvements and whether it is necessary to wear more suitable, more advanced hearing aids.

It seems that hearing loss patients who want to get a good hearing aid must be professionally equipped by professional audiologists or fitters, using professional equipment and methods. After professional hearing aid fitting by professional fitters, hearing aids with moderate to moderate hearing loss are as convenient and effective as wearing glasses, but moderately above-mentioned deaf children and hearing loss patients must undergo professional language training. And rehabilitation training is as easy as wearing glasses.

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