What’s going on with tinnitusWhat is the tinnitus every day?

If you don’t hear the sound, it will cause inconvenience. However, the sound that should not be heard is heard. Sometimes there is no sound at all, but the subjectively feels that there is a voice. This is also an annoying thing! The disturbing person is not at peace for a moment, and the pain it brings is no less than deafness. This situation is the tinnitus that everyone is familiar with.


Do normal people have tinnitus? Yes, but you can’t hear it. When we cover our ears with our hands, we hear the creaking in our ears. This is the tinnitus. Once the hand is removed, the tinnitus is gone. If we walk into a well-built soundproof room or anechoic room, almost everyone, especially50People over the age of the ear will feel “squeaky” or hear the pulse of their own pulse. At this time, because we covered our ears with our hands or the body was in the soundproof room, the noise of the external environment was mostly isolated, so we heard the blood wave and the pulsating sound of the tissues around the ear. In noisy environments, external disturbances cover up these sounds and do not feel tinnitus. This kind of tinnitus is called physiological tinnitus. The loudness of physiological tinnitus is generally below the hearing threshold and belongs to “sub-hearing”, so it is generally inaudible.

Tinnitus may be a pathological phenomenon. When the tinnitus loudness is only5~15Decibel, it is easily covered by external noise. This type of tinnitus patient often complains that it is not heard in the trouble or in the daytime, and the tinnitus appears in the dead of night. If the tinnitus loudness exceeds15Decibel, it will be disturbing during the day.

Tinnitus can be limited to one ear or both ears. It can be intermittent or it can stay up all night, seriously hampering rest. Due to the disturbance of tinnitus, hearing must be affected. Tinnitus can occur regardless of conductive deafness or sensorineural deafness. But there are not necessarily deafness when there are tinnitus; some deafness is not accompanied by tinnitus. The so-called tinnitus refers to the sound in the ear. Some people scream in the ear, but in the head, and can not point out the direction of the part, called the head sound.

The sound of tinnitus is varied, such as whistle, flute, ringing, some like wind blowing wire, motor rumble, some like autumn insects, summer humming, some like pulse Beating, some are like choppy. In short, all kinds of things, not just one. However, the tinnitus of the same person is mostly fixed.

The cause of tinnitus is complicated. Tinnitus may be caused from the external auditory canal, the tympanic cavity, the inner ear, the auditory nerve, the intracranial, the central, and the lesions surrounding the ear. Such as external auditory canal embolization, eustachian tube obstruction, middle ear effusion, otosclerosis, chronic otitis media, labyrinthine edema, cochlear neuroma, as well as viral infection, vasospasm, stimulated by great noise, salicylic acid and streptomycin Tinnitus may occur in drug poisoning such as antibiotics, as well as systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, anemia, and neurosis.

Conductive deafness is mostly a loss of low-frequency sound hearing, and sensory deafness is mostly a loss of high-frequency sound hearing. Some people think that the tinnitus tone is often similar to the most powerful tones of deafness. Therefore, the tinnitus caused by conductive deafness, the tone is mostly low, such as wind, thunder, aircraft sound; and the tinnitus caused by sensorineural deafness, the tone is mostly high, such as whistle, whistle, humming and so on. Therefore, in patients with external auditory canal disease, otitis media, and otosclerosis, tinnitus is mostly low-pitched; in patients with noise deafness, toxic deafness, and cochlear nerve tumor, tinnitus is mostly high-pitched. As mentioned earlier, most of the noise deafness4000He’s voice is the heaviest, and the tinnitus tone is the same.4000The sound around He.

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