Hearing aidWhat is the working principle?

With the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, hearing aids have been updated several times. As an indispensable daily necessities for people with hearing impairments, do you know what the working principle of hearing aids is?

What is the working principle of the hearing aid?


Hearing aid6Large structure:

1.Power, the battery is a button battery, the role is to power the amplifier.

2.An amplifier that amplifies an electrical signal (transistor amplification line);

3.Ear mold (ear plug), the eardrum is placed in the external auditory canal;

4.a headphone (receiver) that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal (ie, converts electrical energy into acoustic energy);

5Volume control switch;

6a microphone (microphone or microphone) that receives the sound of the outside world and converts it into a form of electric wave, that is, converts sound energy into electrical energy;

Hearing aid except6In addition to the major structural components,3Attachment or scale3Additional circuits, namely output limit control, tone control, and induction coils.

Hearing aidHow it works:

First, the sound signal is received by the microphone, and the sound signal is converted into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the circuit amplifier; then the amplifier transmits the amplified signal to the receiver to convert it into an amplified sound signal.

The inductor is a magnetic induction coil that responds to electromagnetic fields leaking from the receiver on the telephone. It is converted to an electrical signal and amplified to make the hearing aid available for listening to the telephone. If there is a separate induction coil, it can receive the magnetic field emitted by the surrounding wire, and the user can directly connect with the radio, TV or auxiliary hearing system to hear the interference-free sound.

A microphone is similar to a transducer. It is also an input converter that converts sound energy into mechanical energy and then converts it into electrical energy. The amplifier amplifies the weak voltage of the microphone conversion. The receiver works in the opposite way to the microphone. It is an electrical signal. Turning into an acoustic signal, when the electrical signal enters the magnetic field, its alternating motion causes the diaphragm to vibrate, producing an acoustic signal.

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