What is the role of the pure-tone hearing test?[Is it necessary to do?]

Pure tone hearing test is one of the most commonly used hearing tests in the clinic. Pure tone hearing test method is not only easy to operate, but It can also reflect the hearing status of the subjects more comprehensively. Pure tone hearing test, we can accurately understand the subject’s hearing loss, analyze the lesion more accurately, and sometimes even analyze the cause of deafness. In addition, Pure-tone hearing tests do not cause trauma to the subject and are inexpensive. These advantages explain why pure-tone hearing tests can be widely used clinically. Pure tone hearing tests disadvantage of the method is that:

the first, Subjects need to work closely together. For those who can’t match(Such as babies)Or difficulty in coordination(Such as with mental illness)Patient, Pure-tone hearing test is powerless;

second, Pure-tone hearing test checks the stimulus signal used as pure tone, This is a voice we usually can’t hear, and it doesn’t exist in nature. Therefore, the results often do not reflect the true verbal and auditory state of the subject in their daily lives.: third, The pure-tone hearing test method requires the subject to judge the presence or absence and size of the sound.,Without distinguishing the difference in sound, Therefore, the understanding of the subject’s auditory resolving ability is of little significance.

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