What factors affect the pure tone test

Since pure tone audiometry is subjective behavioral testing and technology, the results are subject to a number of external and internal factors. External factors include test environment, test equipment, tester’s professional skills, etc.; internal factors include tester status, motivation, understanding of the test, and the influence of endogenous noise caused by the tester’s movements such as digestion, respiration, and blood vessels. .

What factors affect the pure tone test

2Test instrument: The audiometer is a kind of precision measuring equipment. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the hearing test results, avoid the error caused by the equipment. According to the relevant national standards, the pure tone audiometer should be calibrated regularly. The calibration is to ensure the test result. One of the key factors of accuracy, in addition to routine examination of the audiometer every day.

3Tester expertise The tester’s mastery of pure tone audiometry technology, whether the false positive reflection can be detected in time, and the proficiency of the instrument use may affect the hearing test results. Before the test, the tester should clearly explain to the subject that the response of the subject during the test depends largely on the pre-test explanation. The tester should be good at using the easy-to-understand language to let the subject understand the test. The content, know how to react. When a false reaction is found during the test, it should be discovered and re-explained until the subject understands. The hearing test process is also a process in which the tester and the subject interact with each other. Because people who are undergoing hearing tests have great differences in age, level of governance, degree of education, and motivation of subjects, in addition to having certain professional knowledge, they should also have a certain amount of knowledge.

4The subject’s own level of knowledge, comprehension, cognitive ability, etc. also have an impact on the test process. When the subject is fatigued or in poor condition, the hearing test results may be affected.

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