What is the experience of wearing a hearing aid?Wearing a hearing aid for the first time

What is the experience of wearing a hearing aid?,Today, I will give you a detailed introduction.,Let me talk about my personal situation first.1. The right ear is light and moderate, and the left ear is moderately heavy.,I am very low frequency, listening to male voice is more difficult.2. Usually, there is no big problem in communicating with others, but the voice of the other party needs to be too small, and if you can stare at each other’s mouth when communicating, it will help you to listen clearly.3. If the surrounding environment is noisy, or the other party speaks with an air, you can’t hear it.4. For example, in the office, colleagues around me communicate normally. If you don’t want to concentrate on listening, you can ignore it.5. If a meeting is held, at a large conference table, people who are far away from me will often be inaudible if they are not very loud (can hear the voice but can’t hear what to say).


Hearing aids often forget their existence after they have been worn for a long time, but they are often inadvertently aware of its existence. When I first started wearing it, I was especially afraid of being discovered. Although it is already equipped with the most invisible style, it is still often fearful. Some colleagues in the company have also discovered it. The first time was a small friend of the company found out, asked what was in my ear, hesitated for a second, (Bluetooth earphones, high-tech products and other answers flew in the brain), and then chose to tell him the truth: “Hearing aidI don’t have a good hearing. “The child was surprised for a second, and immediately nodded and said clearly. Later, it was quite frank. If anyone found out, it would be generous to admit that my standard answer is “healing aids, and I am not listening well.” “Everyone will understand, and will not delve into it. But the leadership has not yet discovered it. From the perspective of the workplace, I don’t want to be discovered. Of course, if I know it, I will follow it. Friends who have good relationships will take it out and show them.” Look, everyone said that this thing is very kawaii. After hearing the price, it will be returned immediately, indicating that it can’t afford to be damaged (it is not so easy to be bad). The self-feeling is that I heard many sounds that I could not hear. The sound of rubbing the road is different. The sound of rain outside the window and the sound of birds in the woods are really beautiful. When watching TV and listening to music, you don’t have to open the roommates very much. You don’t have to worry about it when you are in the meeting. I can’t hear the other person’s speech, no longer have to worry about the leader’s sudden questioning; the work leader will no longer have to be flustered when he quietly arranges his work tasks, and he will not be overwhelmed; the colleagues in the office will talk softly about the little gossip and keep up with the rhythm. When Guo Degang, who had no subtitles, saw the cross talk, he finally understood what he was saying and finally understood why everyone was laughing.

Here, I advise friends who have hearing problems to wear hearing aids as soon as possible.,Give yourself a different life.

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