Where should the listener be matched?

In terms of hearing aids, the hospital will not be more professional than the hearing aid shop on the street. Secondly, there is no discount on the price of the hospital. Even if you do not buy hearing aids, audiometry and consultation are subject to a certain fee. Most of the county towns now have hearing aids. It is recommended to go to the local hearing aid store to consult and listen, listen to the introduction of the hearing aid store, and then make some trade-offs based on your hearing needs and economic situation. In addition to the principle of proximity, the hearing aid store should also consider the professionalism and scale. At least the source of the hearing aid can be guaranteed. The after-sales guarantee is guaranteed. The hearing aid is like a car. It needs to be used well, it takes a long time, and it is regularly maintained. It’s required.


Hearing400Yujiamen store all over the country,You can click on the site map door Check your nearest hearing aid center. If you don’t have one, you can make an appointment to apply for a home service on the website. We will arrange a nearby fitter to come to the door.

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