What is the difference between domestic hearing aids and imported hearing aids?

The domestic hearing aid is just a simple headphone amplifier. The sound is amplified, but the distortion and noise will bother you, which will aggravate the hearing damage. Sometimes, the hearing aid will not be clear. Moreover, it is large in size, heavy in weight, large in power consumption, single in function, high in failure rate, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan.

The internal structure of the imported hearing aid is very fine, with many functions and good sound quality. It can be debugged by software and wirelessly according to the specific situation of personal hearing. It can upgrade or attenuate the spectrum step by step. The fidelity is high and can be set indoors or outdoors. Mode and volume brake control mode. Small size, light weight, low power consumption, and durable. Prices range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands.

Is the domestic mobile phone good or the foreign brand mobile phone good? according to13The choice of 100 million Chinese people, most Chinese people choose domestic mobile phones. Because of the domestic mobile phone, the quality is good and the price is affordable. Now the country’s electronic products are at the leading level in the world. Quality is also first class. Several well-known hearing aid brands in the world, such as American Belton, Resound, Xiwantuo, Fengli, and Oticon, are all from abroad. These hearing aid brands have been tested in quality for decades, and their quality is trustworthy. The price is much better than the domestic hearing aids. Domestic hearing aids are represented by Ou Shida, Xinsheng, Xinsheng and Aisheng. More functions, sound quality, quality and service are also first-class, cost-effective is the absolute advantage.

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