What is the danger of tinnitus?


The tone of tinnitus can be high or low, often described as humming, whistling, whistling, rumble, wind, slap, etc. Some manifestations are intermittent, some are persistent, and some are accompanied by symptoms such as hearing loss and dizziness.


External factors, long-term firecrackers or people who often work in comparison with noise

Intrinsic factors: the effects of insomnia, fatigue, mental state,

A history associated with tinnitus, such as a history of otolaryngology, a history of sound trauma, a history of head trauma, a history of neurological disease, a history of cardiovascular disease, a history of allergic disease, and a history of use of ototoxic drugs.

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To understand the cause of tinnitus, it is necessary to check the treatment of the number. What is the harm of long-term tinnitus?

If the symptoms of tinnitus are mild, there is no obvious harm. If the tinnitus is too heavy, it may affect sleep, resulting in mental discomfort, affecting life and work; affecting emotions, prone to irritability, anxiety, depression, etc., and then worsening the symptoms of tinnitus; Hearing disorder in elderly patients; some patients with tinnitus are caused by central system diseases, such as otolaryngology common acoustic neuroma, early symptoms are tinnitus, easy to lead to hearing loss, dizziness recurrent, and persistent aggravation; tinnitus may also be a precursor to stroke, Should pay attention to early detection of early treatment.

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