what is nano-super stealth hearing aid[Nano-super stealth hearing aid]

Nano-super stealth hearing aid is the introduction of new nano (dwarf)seriesCICSuper invisible hearing aid sound, its shape is only traditionalCICsize75%, wearing the first corner of the ear canal, more compact, hidden from the appearance can not see completely. The so-called super invisible hearing aid.

Nano-invisibleHearing aidAnd ordinaryCICComparison

Hearing aids with the development of science and technology, the shape is decreasing, from the body’s hearing aids, ear-shaped hearing aids, ear hearing aidsCICBut can’t really see it. How to reduce the size of custom machine hearing aids becomes a problem for manufacturers. The emergence of nano-invisible hearing aids will greatly solve this problem. Here we aredwarfSeries of super stealth hearing aids and traditionsCICCompare and analyze its advantages.

1, Exterior

Nano-super stealth hearing aid volume ratio traditionCICVolume reduction25%, wearing earplugs deeper

Nano Super Invisible Hearing Aid

Shell thickness is smaller than traditional custom machine tools35%。

Earpiece casing thickness

In front of the wearer0Degree angle,45度,90On the side of the degree, you can hardly see the nanometer. It can be said that the invisible hearing aid is completely completed.

Nano wear effect at different angles

Wear completely invisible

2, Safety

The nanoshell is safer, and the shell is made of a ceramic shell, which belongs to the ceramic strength of the implant layer. With high hardness and wear resistance, wearing higher safety, users do not have to worry about the broken shell.

3, range of accessories

Nano has two power options, the maximum extended power can be reached100dB, the matrix can be reached October 112(2ccCoupling cavity), due to the smaller size of the wear closer to the tympanic membrane also makes the nanoCICThe basis for getting more real gains can be the greatest degree of hearing loss to meet heavy and beautiful people.

4Ear impression requirements

Nano-super stealth hearing and the appearance is very small, but there is no special requirement for the preparation of the earmold, as long as the earmold can be3mm. Can achieve long6mmThe second angle of the above ear thickness or width.

5Excellent performance

The nano-super hidden hearing aid adopts the latest cloud platform cloud technology, and the number of hearing aids, chip speed, and debugging software have been greatly improved. The first second-generation high-frequency reshaping function with a wide frequency range10000Hz; Second generation dynamic automatic program analysis46Environmental factors determine the user’s environment and are automatically applied to the hearing aids, so that users always maintain the comfort of different environments; High precision noise reduction; Echo blocking; Excellent performance such as wind noise suppression provides a good listening experience.

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