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Super invisible hearing aid It is completely hidden in your ear canal, no one will realize that you are wearing a hearing aid product, it uses high-end technology, than the traditionalCICsmall volume30%The thickness of the outer casing is reduced compared to the thickness of a conventional custom machine35%The sound quality of the hearing aid is more natural and the voice is clearer. The super invisible hearing aid is located deep in the external auditory canal, close to the tympanic membrane while retaining the sound collected by the auricle and positioning the sound source. The hearing aid is basically invisible to the front and rear of the wearer, and is suitable for users who are more concerned about the appearance.


The Super Invisible Hearing Aid is a super invisible design that is tailored to the user’s ear canal, so no one around you will notice it, creating a super invisible hearing solution for you. It’s not just invisible, but it’s seamlessly integrated into your life, so you can keep it relaxed and confident every day.

But the only thing to note is that it has a high level of hearing requirements and can be purchased at major fitting centers.

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