Hearing aid What should I do if I get into the water?

Hearing aids are an electronic product that compensates for hearing. In daily use, we need to pay attention to moisture, dust, and water, especially waterproof. Under normal circumstances, when you choose the hearing aid, the seller will repeatedly lick your few things about waterproof: usually take a bath to take a hearing aid, do not let the hearing aid rain in the rain, when the summer sweat is too much, you need a hearing aid Wipe dry and so on.

So what if the hearing aid is accidentally dropped into the water, or if you wash your hair and take a shower and forget to take it off?

First of all, when hearing aid when entering the water, don’t panic. The first thing to do is to take the hearing aid off. After removing the hearing aid, don’t switch it on again for the first time to check if the hearing aid is intact. Especially for hearing aids that use dry batteries, we should first remove the batteries. Because the hearing aid enters the water, the water droplets may enter the limited space inside the hearing aid. Once the power is supplied, it may cause the internal circuit of the hearing aid to be short-circuited, so that the hearing aid that is already okay is completely damaged. It is wise to remove the battery, clean the water inside, then wipe the hearing aid with a clean cotton cloth, and then re-examine the hearing aid after a simple drying process. If you are using a rechargeable lithium battery that is convenient and energy-saving, you can save the battery.

So how do you do a simple drying process?

If it is during the day, Xiao Bian suggests that you can send it to the purchase point of the hearing aid, let the professional help you with the dehumidification drying of the hearing aid, or look for the hearing aid fitting center nearby; if it is at night or on the road Inconvenient, then it is recommended that you use a hairdryer to keep off10Drying at a distance of about a centimeter (remember not to use a hairdryer to bake at a high temperature), time is about10-20Minutes. If there is no effect, get the hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible or contact the seller for professional after-sales processing.

Remind again, if your hearing aid After inadvertently entering the water, do not open the hearing aid inspection without authorization, so as to avoid the short circuit of the inner line of the hearing aid caused by improper operation, and it should be sent to the professional hearing aid personnel for professional treatment.

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