What if the child does not want to bring a hearing aid?How parents persuade

Older children mostly have self-respect, and there is a rejection of wearing hearing aids.


For older children, the refusal to wear hearing aids has psychological factors that cannot be ignored. The life and learning barriers caused by the exposure and hearing loss of hearing aids can cause many children to feel inferior and anxious. For reasons of self-respect, children may be reluctant to wear hearing aids in public.


In addition to psychological counseling for children, parents of hearing-impaired children are brave enough to face reality and actively cooperate, and play a key role in whether children are willing to wear hearing aids. Improving parents’ awareness of rehabilitation and establishing a healthy mentality are the solutions to this problem. method. Parents and teachers should give children a correct idea and don’t let the hearing aid become a burden on the child.


1If the child wears the hearing aid for the first time, it is very good, and there is no rejection. Instead, if the patient does not want to wear it during the wearing process, or often scratches the ear, the parents can take the child to the hospital in time to eliminate the external ear and the middle. Ear disease.

2The child develops faster. If the hearing aid is whistling, the parents should re-create the ear mold with the child in time.

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