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Hearing aids are now an extremely important device in the treatment of tinnitus and deafness, especially for patients with more severe hearing impairments, and without hearing aids, they may not be able to communicate properly with others. But in useHearing aidWhen you need to know the role of hearing aids correctly.

Nowadays people know that hearing aids have a big role, but people in the past have some shortcomings in understanding.

1. One ear is deaf, the other ear is normal or has hearing available, and it is considered unnecessary to wear.

2. Mixed hearing aids are helpful.

3. Sensorineural hearing loss improves hearing loss.

4. Hearing loss is not heavy and does not require wearing a hearing aid.

In fact, no matter which kind of sputum, sensorineural hearing loss or conductive sputum or mixed sputum, whether it is unilateral or bilateral sputum, bilateral hearing symmetry or asymmetry can consider wearing different types of hearing aids.

Nowadays, only wearing hearing aids are generally worn in both ears. What are the benefits of wearing both ears at the same time?

1. Conducive to sound source localization, to distinguish the direction of the sound source.

2. Make the sound sound three-dimensional and richer in sound.

3. It has the function of noise reduction, which can improve speech recognition ability and selective listening ability in a noisy environment.

4. Eliminate the effect of cephalic, can avoid the impact of head shadow caused by monocular hearing.

5. The integration function is good, and the loudness of the heard sound increases due to the binaural effect.

Therefore, if there is a phenomenon of tinnitus and deafness, it is necessary to treat the deafness in time. It is possible to use a device such as a hearing aid to complete the treatment process and assist in the recovery of hearing. But be sure to wear the hearing aid correctly, it is best to wear both ears at the same time, with sound source positioning and so on.

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