What do you need to know before a child wears a hearing aid?

The child’s first hearing aid, if not properly matched, is likely to affect his life’s hearing. Especially when wearing a hearing aid, just like a normal person suddenly wearing a denture, it will definitely feel uncomfortable. In order to avoid children’s feelings of resentment, parents should not force their children to wear hearing aids. They can use simulated training methods. For example, parents should wear hearing aid and show a happy appearance, induce children to be curious or encourage and praise children to try on hearing aids.

At the same time, parents should help the child to gradually adapt to the hearing aids. For example, when starting to use, the volume of the hearing aid should be reduced first and then gradually increased. From indoors to outdoors, you can start with soft and soft music, allowing your child to accept a variety of different sounds. Only good training methods can allow children to adapt to hearing aids as quickly as possible.

At present, there are many types of hearing aids, such as ear-back type, open type, custom type, etc., but for children, try to choose a back-type hearing aid. Because they are still in the developmental stage of the outer ear, it is not recommended to use an in-ear hearing aid, otherwise, the hearing aid casing will be replaced to adapt to its developmental needs.

If the child has entered preschool, to protect the child’s self-esteem and make them feel that they are no different from other small partners, they can choose the appropriate in-the-ear hearing aid under the guidance of the fitter, but if the child has poor hearing, they should continue. Wear-back hearing aids. If the child has hearing loss in both ears, the hearing aid should be selected at the same time. Some parents will wear hearing aids to the children with hearing problems in both ears for economic reasons or hidden considerations. In the long run, the other ear may not be accepted for a long time. The sound is irritating and the hearing is gradually declining.

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