What brand of old hearing aids is good?What brand of old hearing aids to buy?

1Many elderly people will have different degrees of hearing at a certain age. If the economic situation permits, it is recommended to wear hearing aids early. This is not only related to the quality of life of the elderly, but also can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s.

2The price of hearing aids ranges from a few hundred to tens of thousands, but the most important thing is the related fitting service and after-sales service. Therefore, hearing aids must not be purchased, but must be fitted.What brand of old hearing aids is good?At present, many cities in China, including some well-developed counties and towns and towns, have professional hearing aid fitting centers. The brands of hearing aids are not only the world’s six well-known brands, but also domestic hearing aids that use foreign chips. It is recommended to choose the national chain of fitting and fitting centers. The hearing aid brand has greater selectivity, the fitter is more professional, and the fitting service and after-sales service are guaranteed.


3The current hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids, so it is very important for the hearing aid to be debugged according to the specific hearing situation, and the hearing aid debugging can not be done once, and the wearer needs different hearing according to the wearing environment and wearing time. Feel the way to debug multiple times. Therefore, choosing the nearest professional fitting center is the best choice. Don’t feel free to buy online and at medical device stores

4The specific brand selection and price selection can be based on the fitter’s suggestion and your own situation. The professionalism of the fitting center can be screened based on feedback from nearby hearing aid wearers.

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