Jinghao hearing aid has been engaged in hearing aid professional selection for more than ten years. Many customers will ask the same question at the beginning: what brand of hearing aid is good? We always patiently explain it to customers. For this reason, the Jinghao hearing aid expert team is here to answer this question in detail.

The first-line brands of hearing aids include American Beltone, Swiss Fengli, Danish risonda, Audi Kang, American Starck, Singapore xiwantuo and other international brands. Each brand of hearing aids has its own characteristics. There is no absolute fact that any brand is better than other brands Fengli is now the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, with high quality hearing aids. Most deaf children (children under 14) wear Fengli hearing aids. With a history of more than 100 years, it is the first international brand to enter China and has a high reputation in China. American starker mainly produces customized hearing aids. It is the largest manufacturer of customized hearing aids in the world because of its great power in invisible hearing aids.

The second-line brands of hearing aids include oshida, Xiamen Xinsheng, Canada youlikang, and the United States Lisheng. These brands are less well-known and generally cheaper.

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We need to emphasize the fact that hearing aids are medical devices of electronic products, and their initial selection and after-sales after purchase are highly professional. As we all know, it is necessary to carry out the professional examination of vision with glasses and hearing aids (including air conduction, bone conduction, speech recognition rate, uncomfortable area, comfortable area, etc.). However, the selection of hearing aids is far more complicated than glasses. The hearing loss of human ear at different frequency points (250Hz / 500Hz / 1000Hz / 2000Hz / 4000Hz / 6000Hz / 8000Hz) is likely to be different. Now all digital hearing aids can be precisely adjusted by computers and precisely compensated at different frequency points. A hearing aid usually can be used for 5-8 years. During this period, the hearing of patients may change. If there is any change in hearing, professionals need to readjust the hearing aid to make it helpful to patients. There is a saying in the hearing aid industry: good hearing aid effect – half from the hearing aid, half from the self-test match!

In summary, there are two points:

1. Each deaf patient’s hearing loss situation and specific requirements may be very different. Each brand of hearing aids has certain differences and characteristics. It is meaningful to discuss the brand of hearing aids that is most suitable for patients only when the actual hearing loss and needs of a certain patient are clear.

2. The professional ability and after-sales level of hearing aid matching are particularly important. Hearing aid is “matching” rather than “buying”. Usually, those professional chain organizations with a long history and sound outlets are selected, and hearing aid matching can have a great guarantee.

Jinghao hearing aid reminder: hearing aid wearing requires professional “matching”, so it is very important to choose a professional hearing aid matching center and a hearing aid tester! If you have any hearing problems, you can call Jinghao for consultation, or come to the matching center for experience. Hearing aid free consultation Tel.: + 86-18566295705


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