1. What are the touching moments in the epidemic?
  2. Doctors with cancer adhere to the frontline of epidemic prevention for 20 days. Dong Yong, a doctor at Wuhan Union Medical College Jiangnan Hospital, is a patient with thyroid cancer who has just completed surgery.
    In order to save protective clothing, Dong Yong changed the original three shifts to two shifts.
    He said: “We are party members. This is our duty. We are afraid. The patients are even more afraid. We will never be deserters.


  3. # Fighting new pneumonia, we are in action # Wanzhong as one, win the fight against epidemic prevention and control [Changzhou, Jiangsu: retired workers donated 500,000 to Wuhan]

    On February 9th, the Changzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee, a plain-dressed grandfather sent a cardboard box and said he would donate it to Wuhan.
    After he lowered the box, he quickly left.

     The box contained 500,000 yuan in cash, and a note signed “Changzhou Citizen”, which read “Hope to be sent to Wuhan at an early date, and we will go through the difficulties together, Wuhan to refuel.”
    After many searches, the old man was found.
    He said that he was a retired worker, and that he had enough to eat and enough, and he had to support him no matter how difficult he was.

    2.Outbreak and hearing aids?
    During the epidemic, many hearing aid users stayed at home. Some people felt that they didn’t need to wear it when they were quiet at home. In fact, they had to wear it regardless of whether they were outdoors or indoors, so their hearing would not decrease.

    Outbreak and life?

    A . The business cannot be done or is difficult to maintain.
    Fewer customers, other expenses continue, such as shop rents, employee salaries.
    No funds are circulating.
    B. Moonlight people do not work, and their lives are difficult to persist.
    C. The salaried family who have a car loan, can’t get out and are anxious.
    Fortunately, some deposits are maintained. D.Do not go out at random, regularly purchase certain materials

    Outbreak and JINGHAO?

    A .Establish an epidemic prevention team with responsibility.
    Regular workshop disinfection and personnel temperature measurement, etc., prepare for resumption of work.

  4. Personnel management, declaration of prohibited items in the canteen / daily health monitoring and follow-up of employees.
    C. Epidemic prevention, online training


    What do Chinese people do at this time?
    Stay at home, don’t go out, don’t walk, don’t go to crowded places. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, go home to disinfect, and wash clothes.


  5. Latest News :

  6. [ Three auto companies make cross-border masks! BYD’s production capacity can reach 5 million pieces / day by the end of this month ]
    On February 8th, BYD announced the deployment of resources to start the design and manufacture of protective material production equipment, and assisted in the production of masks and disinfectants to Meet the urgent needs of protective materials. According to reports, the masks and disinfectants produced by BYD are expected to be mass produced and shipped around February 17, until the epidemic has eased and eliminated. Among them, the production capacity of masks can reach 5 million pieces / day at the end of this month, and the production capacity of disinfectant solution is 50,000 bottles / day.

    On February 8th, GAC Group also stated that it was studying to build a mask production line. At present, GAC Group is making every effort to mobilize resources for urgent demonstration and research, and strive for early implementation. This work will be handed over to the GAC Group’s Parts Business Headquarters, which will not affect the main business of vehicle manufacturing. On February 6, SAIC-GM-Wuling also said that with the strong support of the governments of Guangxi District and Liuzhou City, it adopted joint upstream suppliers to produce masks by rebuilding production lines. According to the project construction plan, a total of 14 mask production lines are set up, of which 4 are N95 mask production lines and 10 are general medical protective mask production lines. The daily production is expected to reach more than 1.7 million.


    Foxconn begins to produce masks, SAIC-GM-Wuling puts on line masks, with a daily output of 1.7 million; Foxconn started trial production of masks on February 5, with a daily output of 2 million at the end of the month; the three-gun underwear production line was converted into masks and protective clothing;
    Work 14 hours a day; BYD subsidiary will carry out disinfectant production business; Jiangsu Jinwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has suspended overseas orders and is fully engaged in the production of masks (20 million penalty risk) hard-core Zhejiang manufacturers to build mask factories in 72 hours.

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