The fight against the epidemic warm neighbor Europe is still in action!”The medical workers have been working very hard. I hope these yuanxiao will make them feel better.”The changhai hospital in Shanghai received a special gift during the Lantern Festival

On February 8, the yuan yuan store of auchan supermarket in Shanghai prepared 300 yuanxiao and 180 kg of fresh vegetables for the medical staff of changhai hospital to pay tribute to the “city guardians” who are on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.


Auchan zhongyuan store general manager zhang hui said that since the outbreak, medical workers have always rushed to the forefront of the protection of people’s lives.It is these “retrograde” angels in white that give us the confidence to overcome the epidemic and embrace hope.

Although not like the medical workers in the front line “anti-epidemic”, auchan staff always stick to their posts, adhere to the business is not closed, do not increase prices, ensure adequate supply, to protect the people’s “basket”.Auchan hopes to do his best to pass on the warmth so that medical workers can have a heart-warming Lantern Festival.”I hope the medical staff on the front line can protect themselves while fighting the epidemic, and everyone can be safe!”

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